Welcome to The Jane Slade Project

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Welcome to The Jane Slade Project, our exciting plan to build a new Schooner on tfigurehead-croppedhe Fowey river in Cornwall.

Our Jane will be based on her namesake; the Jane Slade that inspired Daphne Du Maurier’s first novel, The Loving Spirit. The original Jane Slade was a ship of her time; well built, sturdy and fast. The new ship will share her forebear’s pretty lines and rig, but she will be built for her times – a 21st Century working vessel not a museum piece.

Our vision is to build a versatile ship that can turn her hand to many different tasks;

  • She will be a capable commercial cargo vessel BUT one that is kind to our planet by using the power of the wind in preference to fuel oil,
  • She will offer a home to the adventurous holiday maker seeking the hands on experience of sailing on a schooner and experiencing something of nineteenth century seafaring,
  • She will be capable of hosting expeditions including the cold waters of the arctic for scientific or leisure purposes,
  • She will have a role in the film world and she will also be a regular visitor at the many festivals of the sea around the ports of Europe and beyond,
  • By partnering with educational establishments, she will be a live classroom for those wishing to set out on a marine career. After their time with us, the students will be able to either continue their training for a career in more modern ships, or if their soul has been inspired by the Jane Slade, they can stay in the world of sail. Either way, they get an opportunity to start their adventures at sea and we help preserve the skills of a life with sail.

Just like her namesake, our Jane will be built on the banks of the river Fowey in Polruan, Cornwall. She will travel the world, but like her namesake she will remain a local boat and be operated from Polruan. We believe this gives an important link between the romance of the past and the need to keep this local community alive for the future.

More to follow soon but if you want to know more in the meantime drop us a line;

Nikki Alford  nikki@thejanesladeproject.org 

Sean McLaughlin  sean@thejanesladeproject.org