bringing the Jane Slade to life.

The Jane Slade Project is a new charity with the objective of delivering the training needed to set out on a maritime career. The big difference to most classrooms is that we will use a new 100′ Schooner as our school at sea.

The schooner Jane Slade provided the inspiration for Daphne Du Maurrier’s first novel, The Loving Spirit, The original Jane Slade was built in Poluran Cornwall and launched in 1870. The original ship was designed for the fruit trade and she had to be fast to get the keenest prices whilst the fruit was still at its best.

Like her namesake, the new vessel will be built in Polruan and will share her pretty lines. Our Jane will have lots of different jobs to do over the next hundred years so she will also have a range of more modern features.

a school at sea


In the days of the original Jane Slade training started with practical experience. Once the basic practical skills had been learned trainees could graduate to more academic studies that offered the opportunity to become an officer or even a captain. Now  the profile of training is much more academically focussed from the outset and as a result many young people can feel that a career at sea is out of their reach.

Our School at Sea will offer the alternative of a practical entry point. We aim to partner with maritime colleges so that we can offer training and certification that they will accept as part of the entry requirements for their college based courses .

The ship will be based out of Fowey and during the summer will spend her time largely in home waters. Over the autumn and winter there will be longer passages to the Caribbean or other Atlantic islands. What better way for the students to learn than to operate a vessel carrying either passengers or cargo.

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Our first job is to build the vessel and to do that we need to raise £1.5m. That means we need lots of help!

We have a number of supporter schemes which will be of interest to both businesses and individuals so please get in touch for more information.

If you think you can help on a practical level we would also love to hear from you, particularly if you have experience of grant applications or developing and delivering sponsorship packages.


Founding Trustee: Nikki Alford
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Founding Trustee: Sean McLaughlin

Founding Trustee; William Collinson

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The Jane Slade Project is a registered charity (Registered number 1173371) and operates as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which is a limited liability company regulated by the Charities Commission.